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The QA Level 4 Award in Immediate Life Support (RQF) is a regulated and  nationally recognised qualification that has been specifically designed for  those who have a responsibility at work, or in community or voluntary activities to provide emergency care to patients, such as event medical providers, emergency ambulance personnel, registered healthcare  professionals and those working in specialist roles within the emergency  services and military. 
Successful candidates will develop their knowledge and skills in providing  immediate life support to 
patients in cardiorespiratory arrest or experiencing life-threatening illness  and injury. Topics include: 
airway management, ILS procedures, ILS treatment algorithms,  modifications required  
during cardiac arrest, end of life care and more. 

 Course Content 
Scene management 
Methods and procedures needed to assess and manage an incident 
Managing a patient with life-threatening or non-life threatening illness and  injury 
Post incident procedures 
Airway management 
Immediate life support procedures, including: 
Return of Spontaneous Circulation (RoSC)  
Patient handovers 
Modifications required during cardiac arrest for: 
o Third trimester pregnancy 
o Neck stoma 
Immediate life support treatment algorithm 
End of life care 
Using the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) 

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